Fantasy Football 2k23 Mid-Season Awards

David Choi
6 min readOct 28, 2023


Welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen.

Feels like just yesterday we were in the dog days of summer, on our knees begging for the return of the NFL season. Now, in the blink of an eye, we are through 7 weeks of the 2023–24 season, marking the halfway point of the fantasy regular season. A lot has happened, so I’m here to dish out some awards to the players, teams, and fantasy managers who stood out for all kinds of reasons. Let’s get into it!

Steal of the Draft

There’s nothing quite as satisfying in the world as getting a late-round steal in fantasy football. Whether it was a called shot that you were hoping fell to you, or someone you took as an afterthought at the end of the draft, nothing hits like getting an every-week starter out of someone that was passed up by every team in the league 10+ times each. That’s why the Steal of the Draft for the first half of the season goes to… Raheem Mostert. Picked in the 13th round by yours truly, Mostert has been the #2 RB through 7 weeks as part of a Dolphins offense that has made a point to run past everyone in their way at lightning quick speeds. The recipient of the award may be very different at the end of the year, however, as the emergence and return of DeVon Achane may quickly diminish Mostert’s role. Regardless, for the first 7 weeks of the year, Mostert has been an absolute fantasy diamond in the rough.

Honorable Mentions: Zach Moss, David Montgomery, Sam LaPorta

Biggest Flop

This award goes to a player who did not live up to their draft position within the first 3 rounds (excluding players who missed time excessive time due to injury). Although part of this player’s winning this award was outside of his control, Garrett Wilson has not lived up to being the 21st player picked in our fantasy football draft. Unfortunately for him, his chance at being a true WR1 this year lasted the four plays Aaron Rodgers was the Jets’ starting QB. Through 7 weeks, Wilson is the #39 WR and #143 player overall. With the Jets leaning on their running game and protecting Zach Wilson from having to do too much, Wilson hasn’t been able to live up to the high expectations that were placed on him at the start of the season.

Honorable Mentions: Najee Harris, Jahmyr Gibbs (missed 2 games due to injury), Tee Higgins (missed 2 games due to injury)

Best Waiver Wire/Free Agency Snag

With the introduction of FAAB two years ago, an interesting study of game theory began among the 10 of us. While I’ve yet to really nail down any pattern to the chaos your bids, it has led to some iconic moments, such as Benn’s $52 spend on Elijah Mitchell. Our waiver wire snag of the first half is a player who went for just under that mark set by Benn. After a record-setting week 1 performance, Puka Nakua was picked up by Ricky for $51. He’s been every bit worth the money, proving that he can be a weekly starter, even with Cooper Kupp returning to the Rams starting lineup. The Rams rookie receiver is a pass-catching machine and has quickly gained Matt Stafford’s trust as either the first or second option every play.

Honorable Mentions: Nico Collins, Jerome Ford

Snip-Snap Award

While everyone wants to be the one to snag a league-winning free agent and keep them at the end of their bench, not every player can be that guy. One player has sadly been a part of 3 teams, and added and dropped a total of 4 times. Tank Bigsby entered this year as a potential high-value handcuff/goal-line back to Travis Etienne and the Jaguars, but really hasn’t shown enough to be worthy of a roster spot to Zach, Benn, and Nash.

Honorable Mentions: Khalil Herbert, Rashee Rice, Chuba Hubbard

Worst Team

It’s been a first half of the season where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong for Jacob and the team formerly known as Mr. Blue Skyy, formerly known as Smoke and Jahmyrs, formerly known as Virtual Insanity, formerly known as Basement Dwellers, currently known as Burrowed Alive. With a questionable draft strategy for picking at the turn, and terrible injury luck to boot, Jacob has been left to essentially throw darts at his roster to determine a starting lineup that could hopefully manage to score 80 points. While playoffs are a longshot at 2–12, there is still potential for a second-half turnaround and dodging the last place punishment for Jacob, thanks to a injured JJ bringing in a haul of Derrick Henry and Chris Olave to sure up his starting lineup.

Honorable Mentions: Questionable (Jordan), Spicing It Up (Ricky)

Best Team

Thanxgiving Medley (Higher/My Sacrifice/Don’t Stop Dancing — YouTube (The sound of a fantasy team transcending to another plane of existence)

This should come as no surprise, but there is one team that stands head and shoulders above the rest through 7 weeks. At 11–1, with the highest point total, 0 losses to the median, and one of the best fantasy rosters I’ve ever seen, the award goes to none other than Nash and his team, Run CMC. Nash constructed a team led by consistently high-scoring stars like Christian McCaffrey and Jalen Hurts, but it’s also supplemented by picks that are playing well above expectations such as David Montgomery and Jordan Addison. There is no real weakness to this roster, so should things stay the same a 3rd championship could very well be in-sight for Nash.

Honorable Mentions: David (Kupp Half Full :)), Sean (Gettin Swifty w/ Mahomies)

Best Player

Hmm… I wonder who this one could go to

In a sea of talented football players, there’s been one man who stands out above the rest. A touchdown-scoring machine, who is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball, this white boy from the NFC West has been an absolute revelation so far this year. That’s why the Best Player award goes to none other than… Jake Bobo. Let’s go, Bobo!

Ok, we all know it’s Christian McCaffrey. A man who has literally scored a TD in every game for 16 straight games, he has brought consistent, high scoring to Nash’s team. Getting the far and away best RB at pick #2 is something you should somewhat expect, yet CMC makes it feel like it was a steal every time you see him. He is outranked in total points by only QBs at this point, at a much higher important position of need from a fantasy perspective.

Honorable Mentions: Tyreek Hill, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes

Jake Bobo

With that, I’m signing off. Good luck to everyone in the second half of the season!