Fantasy Football 2k20: Playoff Edition

David Choi
3 min readDec 17, 2020


We did it, Joe. We made it through the fantasy regular season without the league getting shutdown. Despite several outbreaks and scares, nothing was going to stop Roger from cashing his checks. And here we stand: The playoffs are set, Dennis is still standing, and a new champion will soon be crowned.

Wild Card Round


What an exciting first round. In a championship-worthy, heavyweight bout, Ricky and Jacob went down to the wire in what was probably the highest scoring match the league has seen. Unfortunately, 151.28 points weren’t enough for Jacob to prevail. Don’t hear that sentence every day. Luckily for Ricky, Aaron Rodgers continued his MVP campaign, Travis Kelce took the receiving yardage lead, and TY Hilton finally woke up from his 12-week long nap, and pushed him to just enough points to edge out Jacob. Never has anyone been more invested in watching Nick Mullens than when Jacob needed him to tie the game and give McLaurin another possession and a shot at one catch. Didn’t happen. Better luck next year, Jacob. Good luck in the coming weeks, Rick.

Oh yeah and Dennis vs. Shilp happened. In classic Dennis 2020 fashion, it took Shilp getting goose eggs from both his tight end and defense to make this a close match and ultimately prevail. Dennis marches on. Keep shocking the world. #dennis2020

Semifinal Preview

ah yes, a reference to a very relevant show. keep paddling, dennis

Benn vs. Dennis

Previous matchup:

Week 6: Benn 105.52–119.00 Dennis

Prediction: I don’t know what to think anymore. All season long Benn has proven why he is the #1 seed. But all season long, Dennis has defied the odds and just continued to win. This matchup is truly an unstoppable force vs an immovable object. I can no longer go by conventional logic with my predictions, for the first time all season, I am going with a Dennis win. A swarm of locusts is going to attack Benn’s team Sunday morning, giving Dennis an 85 to 81 victory over Benn.

it’s everyday bro

Nash vs. Ricky

Previous Matchup:

Week 5: Nash 127.22–140.12 Ricky

Prediction: The 2 vs 3 seed matchup should be a close one. Both teams have taken their turns in every spot in the top 3 all year, and are very evenly matched. I’m going with the team that has late-season Derrick Henry to pull through. Nash wins this one in a 130 to 122 all-time classic showdown.

Fantasy Football 2k20 Finals


Nash vs. Dennis

Previous Matchups:

Week 3: Dennis 146.30–82.28 Nash

Week 12: Dennis 103.78–152.82 Nash

Prediction: Earthquakes will strike every stadium that has one of Nash’s players playing in. Canceling all the games before halftime and leaving Nash wondering where he went wrong. The divine power looking over Dennis grins and knows it can finally rest. All of Dennis’ players put up mediocre stats, but it’s enough. Dennis wins 69 to 42.0 over Nash. Dennis is the champion.